Japanese Maples are pretty robust and survive transplanting well. Many clients have related stories about moving the trees, even multiple times, with little or no problem. The root ball needs to be captured intact, out to the drip line if possible. When planting the tree, make sure the roots are loosened up a bit by hand. Do not bury the trunk any deeper than it was before moving. Soil above the original soil line is a problem, so take care.  Water well after planting, adding a vitamin B or transplanting additive to the water if desired.

Be sure to pick a time to move a tree when the tree won’t face additional shocks after planting. That means extremes of temperature, hot sunny or extreme cold weather. The best time is when the tree is dormant. We also recommend not trimming and moving the tree close to each other in time. Either move the tree first, and wait a season to trim it or trim the tree and wait a season to move it.

For a potted tree, be sure to loosen up the root ball well. Root prune any roots that have encircled the root ball at the pot surface. Follow the above advice as well.