We come to your landscape with a specific focus: bringing out the artistic beauty of ornamental trees. First and foremost we specialize in the many varieties of Japanese Maples common in the Pacific Northwest. We also work on many other trees and shrubs, such as Dogwoods, Japanese Snow Bells, deciduous and evergreen Magnolias, small conifers, ornamental fruit trees, and Rhododendrons.


This is the core of our activity. We carefully thin and shape each tree. Pruning usually consists of removing crossing or improperly placed limbs, creating space within the tree and establishing an overall architecture. The canopy is then thinned to create a very subtle layering from top to bottom. In the end, trees we work on are pleasing and beautiful to look at.


We deal with many trees that have been mishandled in the past. Reconstruction is a fairly time consuming service. Some trees may be unworkable or not worth the dollar investment, but many times we can correct the tree structure so the tree looks good again. At times, after two or more visits the previous problems are not visible to the untrained eye. We always evaluate the possibilities for reconstruction and discuss with the client whether reconstruction is the correct way to go.


We give free estimates. Generally, we schedule a time to come look at your tree(s) and discuss your needs. Once we have an in-person look, we give you a fairly firm estimate of cost. Sometimes we do the work for less if less time is required. Only rarely does the cost exceed the estimate.

Though images sent to us are useful, they can only give a general idea of the work involved, so we generally do not give an estimate unless we have worked on the tree(s) involved previously, or personally see what is to be done.

Estimates do not usually include debris removal. We do not haul away debris unless there is a specific request to do so. We charge an additional 20% for debris removal. Most of the time we can put most of the trimmings in curbside yard debris containers.

Once the estimate is given, you can decide if you want to schedule a separate date and time to do the work.

New Plantings

Since we are not landscape contractors we do not plant new trees or shrubs. We also do not sell trees.